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Shenzhen Antman Electronics Technology co., LTD. our developers comes from panasonic's PAS group (Shenzhen) research and development office, due to the division of different ground consolidation, in December 2012, a group of teenagers actively strive forward, resolutely to stay in the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen, formed a perfect, solidarity, engaged in software, hardware, structure of small electronic products research and development, the design team.At the beginning of the company development, mainly in mobile computers and other electronic products development, design, sales, part of the electronic product outward processing production.Our current development to gather research and development/design/test/production safety inspection/quality control/sales integration, each electronic products have been tested OK before delivery to the customer, achieve the quality of the production quality control completely.Products from mobile phone, computer peripheral sideways to the small home appliance, digital TV conversion equipment, car built-in small electronic, home travel outdoor electronic equipment, small medical diagnostic equipment, cable and wireless WIFI equipment and so on.Now company specialized in promoting its own brand, sets up brand rallying point.Company factory set up in shenzhen white light district industrial zone industrial park, covers an area of 8000 square meters. At the heart of the electronic products trading center, shenzhen huaqiang north road plaza has its own product sales department, in the top 500 global gathered the wuhan optical valley of square, set up their own research and development sales team.
Companies in the field of computer, mobile phone, digital television, network and network communications, PDA, electronic, automotive electronics, small medical equipment, home travel outdoor electronic equipment, office ornamental type small electronic products and other consumer electronics and surrounding derivatives, has unique product design fashion, practical and ornamental properties is high.The company consistently adhere to the "strives for the survival by the science and technology,  strives for the development by the quality" for the purpose of the development of enterprise, innovation, integrity, dedication, striving, harmonious style as his spirit of enterprise, modern management mode, unity and progressive spirit, tireless dedication, professional design concept, high precision production equipment, strict inspection method and thoughtful after-sales service feedback our every honored guest.
Company in the product information, chip procurement, technology research and development, production quality control, testing, sales and after-sales service, etc, to form a dragon chain, can make the most rapid response to the product information, cutting-edge technology , and application in production, to provide customers the ideal production need in electronic products.As a rich experience in research and development capabilities and product of the high-tech research and development of small electronic products production enterprises, adhering to the "pragmatic and enterprising,common development" business philosophy, has always been for the domestic and international famous brands to provide OEM/ODM products and product supply.Because the company product design novel fashion, by the United States, Britain, South Korea, Singapore, marais reclaimed Asia, Indonesia, Turkey...Some foreign clients such as widely favored.Over the years, the company with a strong development advantages, excellent quality and perfect customer service management, has become the preferred partners in domestic and international famous manufacturer and brand.
Business philosophy: "beautiful, delicate, novel and unique, in order to bring the convenience of the customer information, high-end electronic products enjoy".
The company's brand slogan: "The world of ANTMAN"
AntMan's grand development direction:digitization,networking business;Energy conservation and environmental protection undertakings;Digital communications business;Systems engineering design enterprise;And home appliances business;Residential facilities;Office equipment business;Medical and health undertakings;Industrial automation equipment and related enterprises of small electronic products and related transformation electronics play their contribution.
Personnel training: hope more excellent electronic design preferences (hardware/software/structure), sales staff to join our team.If you have a good electronic products research and development ideas, if you want to achieve your electronic small dream, if you have the design ideal of transcending oneself, please be sure to contact me, we are willing to respect to hire you as the company's honorary adviser, and grow with us!
Work hand in hand to make electronic products achieve our dreams, perfect our world!



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